The Vision

I have been told, by others, throughout my life that I need to have certain achievements, fit in the box, pass the exams etc. or I can’t achieve or become anything, but this has given me a dogged determination to succeed and prove them wrong. This has proved very useful as I could never have taken on a 24000 square foot derelict building on my own without this determination and drive. The hardest thing I have ever done is trying to set up the CIC during the last year. It may become the first thing I have ever given up on, and if that happens, it will be just down to money.

  • To create job opportunities through combining talent and knowledge
  • To work with, for and within the local community.
  • To enable small businesses to flourish.
  • To let ambitious opportunities, thrive, regardless of barriers
  • To bring together fresh, young minds with the wealth of knowledge and experience that can be lost in retirement
  • To bring together different kinds of minds to enhance and improve products. (Connecting ‘out of the box’ thinkers with ‘in the box’ thinkers)
  • To create a balance between creating wealth in business and achieving contentment / mindfulness at work.
  • To educate employees and the public in the need to be responsible consumers.
  • To reconnect the town of Morecambe through inclusion whilst not stifling individuality.
  • To give people an experience that lasts longer than the time spent at Queen’s Market.
  • To educate through immersive interaction. Putting talent on a pedestal to let the voice be heard.
  • To not only tell the history of the building but to create the new history.
  • To provide and educate the importance of taking responsibility for grass roots environmental issues, in a bid to sort world issues.
  • To show how the restoration of an historic building can create a catalyst for whole town regeneration.
  • To help people cut through ‘red tape’ so that opportunities aren’t lost.
  • To create an environment where QMM has links to everyone and becomes the ‘who you know’ not the ‘what you know’.
  • To work with Eden to grow local talent, so that they are able to go straight to work for Eden once it’s open